About us

Portquip Kenya Limited

We are Portquip Kenya limited trading as PKL International, dedicated to inspiring people to achieve superior performance in an extra-ordinary manner pushing constantly the innovation frontier.

We believe that organizations are human and must understand how to build, manage and coordinate forces that work together to realize their aspirations and deliver superior results.

Our Heritage & Strength

Our Heritage & Strength

We derive our heritage from our founder directors who have the breadth and depth of delivering valuable counsel and advice to our partners and clients. Our associates complement our capacities by broadening, deepening and diversifying our competencies and skills. Our partners expand our reach and coverage and complete the advisory integrated loop by providing respective products and services in our areas of intervention

Board of Directors

Paul Maina Gacari - Managing Principal

Regina Wanjiru - Principal Support Service

Mbera Orwoba - Senior Advisor - Strategy & Public Policy

Mary Ndungu -SACCO Consultant, Research & Training

“Inspiring people to achieve extraordinary results.”